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We offer a variety of educational services mainly to build language communicative skills through lessons, teacher trainings, workshops, and global interactive programs.

Robust language skills are the key to build an inclusive society in the increasingly-diversifying world. Education programs by FOCUS are designed to nurture intercultural competence in the second language.

Together let’s start making a change that you have never imagined!

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Language Education Services by FOCUS

“English Business Pitch” lessons for corporations and entrepreneurs
English lessons for business people and entrepreneurs to bring their business overseas and demonstrate effective business pitches in English.

English lessons for all English learners
English lessons to brush up your speaking abilities for a short time for all levels with a variety of purposes.

Kids English Summer Camp in Vancouver
An exciting and inspiring camp for Japanese children aged 8 to 15 to nurture their initiatives, multicultural competence and communicative skills in English.

Japanese-English interpretation & translation service
Precise, concise, flexible, clear and easy-to-understand online and in-person (in Vancouver, Canada) interpretation service between Japanese and English (bilateral) over a variety of topics including IT, semiconductor, forestry, manufacturing, and investment.

Online collaborative learning programs with students in Canada
A unique online program for high school & university students in Canada and Japan to study over a global issue for two months on Google Classroom, Zoom and Metaverse space. “Osaka Expo Project” 2nd Season to held in May-June 2024 aims at building initiatives and multicultural competence among youths to create a society where no one is left behind.


English lessons for people planning to immigrate to Canada
Lessons to help people who need a high score in an English test improve their speaking score of CELPIP effectively.


Understand How It Works

All the language activities that we introduce in lessons and programs can be explainable based on the second language acquisition research and theories. You’ll be able to understand the reason why you work on the exercise, which helps you keep your motivation with clear short-term goals.

Various Ways to Keep your Motivation

Learning a language is a long way to go. Many tend to give up on the way even with a clear goal to achieve. FOCUS has analyzed learners’ motivation, and learning attitudes based on the experience of teaching over 1,000 learners in Canada. We will offer a variety of different instructions and learning methods to support your learning.

Advanced-level English to Effectively Communicate with the World

Based on our experience of offering language education in Canada for nearly 20 years, all of our lessons and programs are designed to equip learners with advanced-level English with proper grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary choice. 

Facilitate Self-study

Focus’s “Escort Learning” system is to support you in and out of lessons through our learning material websites and communication app on the phone. This unique learning system aims at facilitating learner’s autonomy and building an ability to continue self-study.

FOCUS Activities

World Soran! Workshop at BC’s Public High School

Focus offered a history & dance workshop of Soran-Bushi at Japanese 9-12 courses of McMath Secondary School (Richmond, BC). Students are familiar with the history of early immigrants from Japan to BC, most of whom were fishermen, and related it to the history of Soran-Bushi, which was originally a sea shanty born among herring fishermen in Hokkaido, Japan. They learned the choreography and danced Nanchu Soran together in a long happi coat.

Business Pitch by Entrepreneurs from Japan

Focus offered a package of business pitch lessons for 15 weeks to entrepreneurs led by Prof. Kenji Kutsuna (Professor of Finance, Kobe University / Director of Japan Investment Corporation). They visited Vancouver in the Canada Venture Capitalist Tour by PacPeak, where they presented on their businesses in English to venture capitalists, government investment organizations as well as blue-chip corporations over the course of three days.

Japanese Festival Dance at the International Parade of Hyack Festival

Focus organized a group of dancers composed of Japanese, Canadian and Japanese-Canadian youth to perform in the International Parade of Hyack Festival 2023 in New Westminster, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the city’s sister city relationship with Moriguchi city in Osaka, Japan.

Inclusive Education Workshop

A workshop “Beyond English Education” was offered at the “Vancouver Pro-D Tour” by AK Jump Education Consulting Inc in West Vancouver, BC for 25 participants including a Japanese politician and the director of the Inclusive Education Organization.

Japanese Conversational Assistant

Joined the Japanese 12 Course at McMath Secondary School in Richmond, BC, as a Japanese conversational assistant. Our joint session gave the learners a chance to tell about themselves in Japanese and helped raise their learning motivation.

Hyack Festival 2022

Participated in Hyack Festival in New Westminster, BC, to celebrate the upcoming 60th anniversary of sister city relationship between New Westminster and Moriguchi, Osaka, Japan. Our participation demonstrated the existing Japanese community in BC as well as celebrated the continuing friendship between the two cities, and the two countries. (Organized by Japan-Canada Chamber of Commerce)

Japan-Canada Sister City Project: Youth Online Session

The Youth Online Session has marked its fourth event since February 2022 where youth from Canada and Japan gather online to chat and build new friendship. 53 participants joined in the fourth session and interacted with their new friends overseas.
Guest youth joined us and inspired the young participants; special thanks to Sarah Lee (a trilingual Canadian singer who sings a song for a Japanese anime) and Yuqian Kou (a Chinese student studying at universities in Japan and Canada)!

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