Are you interested in doing business with companies abroad,
promoting your own business to foreign markets, or
finding business partners overseas?

CEO of a Japanese company improved his English communication skills
with Focus Entrepreneur English lessons only within four months.

Lesson Plan Examples

“I want to convey my ideas and opinions more fluently.”

【Power Talk】12 weeks~
Quickly creating a grammatical sentence to state what you want to say in a second language is not an easy task without proper training and exercise. We teach each step of this training to steadily build up your powerful speaking skills.

“I want to confidently do business with overseas companies in English without an interpreter.”

【Global Communication】12 weeks~
Global Communication is a series of advanced-level lessons for business owners and entrepreneurs to confidently communicate with their clients in English. You will practice how to promote your business effectively and how to intrigue your clients in business conversation. Combine with other lessons if you start at a beginner level.