Focus offers a comprehensive learning experience at our English camps
for Japanese children in Grade 5-11.

Why FOCUS camp?

FOCUS English Summer Camp is designed for children in Grade 5-11 in Japan to brush up their English communication skills through abundant interactions with local children, and study in higher education in Canada in the future.

Participants will have a chance to visit and make a cultural presentation in English in a local secondary school class in June or September.


Children in Grade 5 to 11 who study English as a second language in Japan.
Please feel free to contact us for any other possible arrangement we can make to accommodate younger/older children.

Goals of our summer camp

Our summer camp pursues the following unique goals:
1) Offering abundant practical English skills
2) Building the robust basics of academic English
3) Developing independence
4) Cultivating initiative
5) Fostering communication competence

Camp program

The best camp contents are made based on the English skills, learning goals, camp terms, and study month. Here are some examples of Focus’ programs:

[Presentation Project]
School children in Canada experience multiple presentation projects during their school years. Topics vary from culture to history. Camp participants are encouraged to gather necessary information from librarians and books at a local library to create a presentation poster.

Asked relevant books to a librarian in English.

Made a presentation poster.

[Local School Visitation]
Are you interested in sitting in a class at a local school with Canadian students? You will see the differences and similarities in the school buildings, students’ daily life, teaching methods and teacher-student relationships through school visitation.
This can be a precious experience especially for those who aspire to study at higher education in Canada in the future.

A surprisingly massive school building.

Many students walk up and down in the stairs.

[English Presentation at a Local School in Canada]
Camp participants have a chance to present in English in a class at a local school in Canada. They will learn a logical way of organizing information in English for a better presentation.

Post-presentation discussion.

Wonderful encounter with local school children.