World Soran!

『World Soran!』は【南中ソーラン節】で日本文化を伝えながら日加交流を育む
World Soran! is a brand new concept for facilitating cultural interaction
through dancing Nanchu Soran Bushi, a Japanese festival dance
and demonstrating long-term amicable relationship between Canada and Japan.

プロジェクト概要: What Is World Soran!


World Soran! is composed of Japanese youth studying English, Canadian youth interested in Japanese language and culture, and Japanese Canadian youth. The team aims at facilitating long-lasting friendships among youth beyond borders and collaboratively creating memorable performances. It is also a great way for youth to take care of their body and soul through brushing up physical dance skills, cultivating emotional expressions, and sophisticating communication.

ソーラン節とは: What Is “Soran-Bushi”?

どうしてソーラン節?: Why We Perform “Soran-Bushi”?


Many people from Japan who landed in the Vancouver Area in the early 20th century worked in the forestry, mining, or fisheries, and found their way to settle down here despite the discriminatory laws set by the federal government.
Salmon canneries at Steveston in Richmond BC, had a lot of Japanese workers. One of the early immigrants, Gihei Kuno, who was originally working as a carpenter, immediately switched his professions when he saw the salmon running thick in Fraser River, and wrote to his home village about this finny bounty he unexpectedly found in the western part of Canada. It is said that thousands of fishermen followed his letter to come to Steveston.
World Soran! pay homage to the early settlers and contributes to strengthen the bond of Nikkei communities, and friendship between Canada and Japan into the future.

National Associations of Japanese Canadians「日系カナダ人の歴史」

Photo courtesy: Yuki Sudo (@traveler0705yuki), Miki Takabayashi, Grace Ho

コミュニティとのつながり: Community Acknowledgement

New Westminster
Hyack Festival Administration

We have received acknowledgement from New Westminster Hyack Festival Administration.

Vancouver Sunrise
Rotary Club

Our activity was also introduced at Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise.

活動報告: Our Performances

Sakura Days Japan Fair 2024 (Vancouver, BC): April 14, 2024

World Soran! Presentation at McMath Secondary School (Richmond, BC): December 14, 2023

Maritime Festival (Richmond, BC): August 26, 2023

47th Powell Street Festival 2023 (Vancouver, BC): August 6, 2023

Uptown Live 2023 (New Westminster, BC): July 15, 2023

Hyack Festival 2023 (New Westminster, BC): May 28 2023

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